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Promotion on October 2019
Enjoy 20% off from the Original Price
Indulge Aromatherapy &Thai Herbal Compress
NOW THB 1,900 ONLY and get complimentary Spa Salt Aroma Therapy


Thai Herbal Compress

Traditional Thai Herbal Compress Massage uses acupressure techniques and light stretching followed by the application of our homemade herbal compress. It induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, boosts your emotional and physical well-being, and assists in the alignment and postural integrity of the body. It also improves circulation of your blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs.


Indulge Aromatherapy

Indulge Aromatherapy an essential oil massage and the science of using these oils from plants to promote mental and physical health. Based on the principle of the four elements of Thai traditional medicine. We are applying this from aromatherapy and to be combined with cold coconut oils and warming the oil before applying this treatment. And it will make you feel totally and physically relaxed and also nourishing your skin, it will help to balance the four elements Earth Water Wind and Fire.


Spa Salt Aroma Therapy  

Spa Salt Aroma Therapy soak in salt water mixed with volatile oil and It is also a form of health care. Helps detoxify the body to relax and reduce pain. And to have a better blood flow, the nervous system and organs will work well.


Pari Spa invites you to experience the atmosphere of tranquility and the real nature throughout the month of Thai Mother Day!!

Pari Spa @ Tusita Wellness Resort is the only one in Chumphon!!

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